I started Thermal Pilot initially for my friends at my local glider flying club, the SHGA in Sylmar, Los Angeles, California. I was a new H2 pilot at the time and noticed that the amazing pilots I flew with were always dressed in their normal clothing. It was a stark contrast from the high-tech glider wings in the background. These competition-class gliders were sleek, made from high grade aircraft aluminum, technora, and molded fiber… and in the foreground, were the incredibly skilled pilots dressed in regular t-shirts, khakis and even jeans. It just didn’t seem to look right.

Our sport of flying is an amazing feat, and there was nothing out there that represented us in a sleek, modern and fashionable way. So, I wanted to create and build an apparel lineup for us; pilots of all types and the support crews that keep us in the air.

I hope you see potential and connection within this brand as much as I do. Thanks so much for your support!

Onwards & upwards,
Hector Réal

Thermal Pilot
Los Angeles, CA

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